GoPro Underwater Domed Housing

A GoPro Housing with Underwater Corrected Optics:

Our new GPH3 Dome Port Underwater Housing designed for the GoPro® Hero 3 and 3+ cameras gives the GoPro underwater filmmaker the best extreme wide angle image possible.  Our domed housing packs many professional features in a very compact design.  This system allows the GoPro filmmaker to capture a much higher quality High Definition wide angle image at an affordable price.



The DeepPro Domed GoPro Underwater Housing has several unique features:

  • Optics corrected for underwater with our built in dome port system. The housing restores the GoPro’s underwater Field of View (FOV) to be equivalent to the “in-air” FOV coverage.  You will realize a 33% wider and taller image underwater with our dome port housing compared to any flat port GoPro housing.
  • There’s no vignetting (corner darkening) at any imaging mode; still, video, 4:3, 16;9, no vignetting at any mode including the Hero 3+’s new SuperView® mode.
  • Significantly reduced CA which results in improved image sharpness and contrast at the frame edges compared to a flat port housing.
  • The minimum focus distance has been reduced to around 6 inches away.
  • Easy to use all mechanical camera controls. Controls are designed for wearing thick diving gloves and are unaffected by increasing water pressure. Three controls support the following camera functions: Power /On/Off/ Setup Menu access; Record Start / Stop; LCD Touch Bacpac Power /On/Off/Playback 
  • Depth rated to 450 feet / 139m / 14 ATA.
  • A pre-threaded and plugged accessory port is already in place for the later addition of a bulkhead fitting.  This port can be used to support a cable feed:  feed external DC power supply to the camera via the USB port; video out toan External Monitor / Recorder via the HDMI port.
  • Supports the addition of screw in 77mm Color Correcting (CC) filters inside the dome chamber for maximum optical quality with no vignetting.
  • Dome chamber is o-ring isolated from the camera compartment and is purged with dry nitrogen to help reduce condensation buildup. The camera chamber also has desicant packs pre installed to reduce condensation.
  • 6061 Aluminum construction, Hard Anodized all Black color finish, all Stainless Steel hardware.
  • Multiple top and bottom female 1/4-20 mounting holes to support various hardware mounting scenarios.
  • Includes a dual handle “tray” as well as a protective dome lens cap.
  • 2 Year warranty. Factory service option exists with a renewable warranty.

Now Record 33% Wider Video Underwater with the GoPro:

The stock GoPro housing utilizes a flat port housing design which has some optical limitations underwater. In fact, any flat port used in an underwater camera housing will experience a 33% reduction in the camera’s “in air” Field of View (FOV) when placed in water due to light refraction adn distortion caused by the flat port. Its just the nature of any flat port housing underwater and is the same effect you experience when wearing a diving mask.

Dome Port Comparison DeepPro

Flat Port Housing vs. DeepPro Domed Housing FOV Comparison

Our new DeepPro housing for the GoPro® is built around a concentric dome port optical system which eliminates this light distortion normally experienced with a flat port.  Our dome system recovers the Field of View (FOV) angle of coverage to that you would normally experience in air. That’s right, using the DeepPro Domed housing you can now fully realize that GoPro signature wide angle look while underwater.  The dome port restores the Field of View and makes your images about 33% wider. This type of system has been used for years on much larger housings and undewater camera systems. Deeppro is the first to implement this system for the GoPro camera.

Take a look at our Videos page for a side by side comparison of video taken with water corrected DeepPro domed housing compared to the flat port GoPro housing. You can see the amazing difference for yourself.

Record Sharper Images with the GoPro:

A flat port housing design will also introduce Chromatic Aberration (CA) (the color splitting of the light) when the  light passes through the flat port at extreme wide angles. This effect is noticed as “blurring” of the image at the frame edge at the wider imaging modes.   Given that GoPro cameras are very wide angle cameras by design the CA distortion is noticeable when a GoPro is housed behind a flat port.

Our concentric dome port housing significantly reduces this CA distortion. You will see a much improved image that looks sharper and has better contrast at the frame edges when using our domed housing.

Closer Focusing Underwater:

Another great benefit of our dome port design is that the minimum focus distance is now reduced to about 6 inches from the camera lens. Normally, a GoPro housed in the flat port housing has a minimum focus distance of somewhere around 12-14 inches.

Click on the image below to enlarge the example: The subject in both images is the same distance and about six inches away. The left image shot with a a Flat port housing and the image is too close to be sharply resolved by the camera. The right image taken with the Dome port housing and the subject is in sharper focus. Click on the below sample images to view them larger.

Image Sharpness Comparison Flat Port Housing vs. DeepPro Domed Housing

Image Sharpness Comparison Flat Port Housing vs. DeepPro Domed Housing

PshopdDSC_0084No Vignetting and 100% Full Frame:

We’ve also made sure that there’s is no “vignetting” (corner cut off). The DeepPro Domed Housing captures full frame, edge to edge at every GoPro still and video mode including; 4:3 Wide (149 degree FOV), 17 :9 Wide (139 degree FOV), 16:9 Wide (133 degree FOV), and also the the new SuperView® mode (170 degrees… I think).

DeepPro Housing + GoPro = Shoot Like a Pro!

Professional underwater filmmakers know that the closer you get to your subject the better the image will look. When you are closer, you get improved color balance from your video lights, there is less particulate matter in the water to cause light backscatter, and you’ll see improved subject contrast and sharpness the closer you move in to your subject. Closer is better when underwater.

Since our GoPro water corrected domed housing provides you with a much wider FOV and closer focusing capability you’ll be able to move closer to your subject and obtain a better looking image.

Shoot 33% Wider Video Underwater

Tech Divers will love the Smaller Housing Size and Less Drag:

If you are a technical diver and want to capture a very high quality wide angle image during those demanding deep dives you will love diving with the GPH3 housing.  It’s around one half the volume of a small/medium sized camera housing and is much smaller than a “big rig” system. The payoff is a housing that is easier to dive with, less drag and requires less exertion to operate at depth.  In your hands the unit is about the size of a soccer ball.  It’s slightly negative underwater but has just a few ounces of negative “heft” to provide some image stability.  Yes, this unit is larger than the “stock” GoPro housing, but its half the size of any other high end housed system.

Airline Travel Friendly Size:

Are you tired of the airline carrier’s ever shrinking luggage size and weight restrictions? Now you can now easily pack a housing, a camera, the dual handle tray, some video lights and arm hardware, and lots of accessories, all now easily fit into one carry on bag. This small sized system is a joy to travel with. The unit weights about 4 lbs out of water.

PshopdDSC_0084Easily Operate your GoPro while wearing Gloves:

The DeepPro GoPro housing features robust, all mechanical large lever style controls which easily operat while wearing thick dive gloves. Neoprene or drysuit style dry gloves have no problem operating this housing! The controls have a spring recoil mechanism so that you feel positive feedback when pushed.  There are three controls which give you access to the following camera functions:

  • Power On/Off/Setup Menu button,
  • Record Start/Stop button,
  • LCD BacPac monitor power On/Off/Review button.
  • (Note: access to the WiFi On/Off button is not provided.)

Take Full Creative Control and also Improve Your GoPro Camera’s Battery Run Time:

In the past while using the stock housing,  because of the difficulties of operating the buttons with gloves on, I simply turned on the GoPro and left it recording for an entire dive.  If the LCD back was installed, my GoPro died at about 50 minutes.

Because our DeepPro housing’s features large controls  you can finally take control of the camera during the dive. I’ve discovered that by starting and stopping the recording selectively that my camera’s battery runs longer. If the GoPro is not recording all the time, it seems to consume a little less power.  I now get about an hour of camera life.

You can now also access the setup menu and adjust the exposure metering from average to spot, change recording modes from video to still,  change aspect ratios, change the white balance etc.  Now you can experiment and tailor the camera settings to the needs of the situation.

And there is also a control to allow you to power off the LCD back to conserve power, or to review and playback your video while underwater.

Great Video at Half the Budget and at Half the Size:

Our DeepPro Domed underwater housing for the GoPro finally puts professional grade features and extreme wide image capabilities into your hands at a very low price.  You’ll have to spend two or three times the total budget on a much physically larger camera, lens and dome port system to approach the same type of “wide angle” high quality image that you obtain with our domed housing.

Deeppro Systems Dome port GoPro Housing

Deeppro Systems Dome port GoPro Housing

Go Deep with the DeepPro:

The DeepPro GPH3 Domed housing was built for depth and tested to 450 feet / 139 m.  All controls on the GPH3 housing use a “rotational” lever design. You actually “toggle” the spring backed levers to depress a camera button.  This rotational design eliminates the chance that water pressure will induced a false control input at depth.  Tech divers will love this feature and can be confident that the controls on the DeepPro Domed housing will operate just as properly at 400 feet as they do at 40 feet.

Precision Construction;

The GPH3 housing is made from 6061-T6 Aluminum and which has a Type III Hard Anodized, sealed finish for maximum corrosion protection. The housing is Black dyed inside and out in order to reduce stray light reflections from spoiling your images.  All hardware is either stainless steel or plastic and all controls are mechanically operated for “robust” reliability.   All small control set screws are “locktite” secured so that they don’t vibrate loose during transport and we also use stainless spring loaded “locking” type latches on the housing so there are no accidents underwater.

The dome port is made from a High Definition Video grade Polycarbonate dome plus we’ve factory installed a custom glass Anti-Reflection (AR) coated correction diopter which is part of the Dome Port system.

Our No Fog Solution is Simple and effective:

All underwater housings are prone to condensation forming on the inside. If you open the housing inside a humid dive boat or hotel room that might introduce condensation formation inside the housing, which could spoil your images.  Condensation is a fact of life for underwater housings and you must have a strategy to combat it.   We’ve  mounted inside the camera chamber Silica Gel desiccants packs which help combat condensation formation.

Also, the housing dome chamber has been o-ring isolated from the camera compartment. This dome chamber is purged with dry nitrogen which also helps to minimize condensation formation.

Multiple Mounting Options:

PshpdDSC_0071Both the top and the bottom surfaces of the housing have two  1/4-20 female threaded mounting holes on each surface, four holes total.  Mount the housing on a scooter; mount it from the top on a long pole; secure an external monitor or our external battery pod. You get the idea. 

The housing includes a simple and robust Dual Handle mounting tray.  The top of each plastic handle has a 1/4-20 female hole for mounting video light arms as shown here.  

Options for Future Growth and Customization:

The DeepPro GPH3 housing also comes with one (1) threaded and plugged accessory port that will allow you in the future to add external hookups.  This is to allow connection to an external DC Battery Power Pod or an external HDMI monitor or recording device.

GoPro underwater housing dome port corrected optics deep pro deepproAdd Color Correcting (CC) Filters Inside the Housing:
Our dome port design supports the addition of glass screw in 77mm CC filter inside the dome chamber. 77mm filters will not obscure the image corners at any imaging mode.  Smaller 72mm filters will work for 16:9 1080p imaging with no vignetting.  Send us your favorite CC filter and we will install if for you, or do it yourself if you are mechanically inclined.

Worth mentioning: The DeepPro domed GoPro housing was designed with the optics as the primary design element.  In order to obtain the best best possible image we have purposely obscured the camera’s front blinking “recording light”. We did that to eliminate the recording light from being reflected on the inside of the dome or on close up subjects and spoiling your image.  This means that to get the most out of your GoPro we highly recommend you install the GoPro LCD Backpack so that you can see what you are recording and make camera setting changes. Its not required, but really useful.

BATTCELL Installed in GHP3 Domed Housing


PshpdDSC_0098Supplemental Internal LIPO Battery

This supplemental battery cell allows the camera with the LCD Touchback  screen to be powered for about double the normal run time. It saves you from having to open the housing in between dives,  or is great for powering the camera on one long dive.

This small unit snugly fits inside the GPH3 Domed housing and plugs into the camera’s USB connector and emulates having your camera on charge.  It acts like you have your camera on a wall charger and provides a trickle charge during your dive. You can turn on and operate your camera with this in place and as your internal camera’s battery is drained, it  gets refreshed with this supplemental battery.  Now with the LCD Touch back installed you can realize two average length dives without the need to replace the camera’s internal battery, or one longer dive.  See the LIPO Battery Cell page for more info.

What Comes in the Box:

The DeepPro GoPro Domed Housing ships complete along with a simple and robust dual handle mounting tray. Each handle has a 1/4-20 mounting hole on the top for affixing 3rd party accessory such as our BigBlue line of video lights.

The housing also is supplied with a “petal type” protective lens shade. This shade protects the dome from accidental bumps as well as keeping stray light from spoiling your images.  You can remove the lens shade to streamline the unit.

We also include a vinyl lens cap as well. I recommend that you always take the lens cap along during dives to protect the dome.  I enter and exit the water with the cap in place to protect the dome from busy deckhands.

Two Desiccant packs are also included and installed.

PshpdDSC_0057Two Year Warranty on Housings:

We at DeepPro Systems take pride in our products and want them to work out of the box and for many years after.  We offer a two year limited warranty on our underwater housings.  (See the Warranty page for details)

Did you know that most underwater camera housing floods occur in just a few inches of water?

That’s why we test every housing at both shallow and deep pressure ratings.  Then we put the housing  12 inch water tank test and test for leaks. Then we also put the housing into water and in a pressure pot and test to 200 ft water depth.  The units have been designed and tested up to 330 ft depth.

Service your Housing and Extend Your Warranty:

For an additional fee the original owner of the housing may return their housing to the factory for service.  The housing is cleaned,  all o-rings get replaced and lubricated,  controls adjusted and functional tested for your actual camera, and also water pressure tested.  This factory service will give you piece of mind but also extends the limited warranty for an additional two (2) years.  See the warranty section for details.   We recommend that you ship your camera along with the housing so that we can adjust the  controls to fit your camera. Contact us before shipping your camera to us for packing instructions and payment instructions.

PshpdDSC_0104Replacement Parts:
Replacement Dome ports and o-rings are also available for “in the field” repairs.  There’s nothing worse than being half way around the globe on a filming expedition and scratching the dome on the first day.  If you are mechanically inclined carry along an extra dome so you can replace it yourself.   Of course, if you decide to replace domes and o-rings yourself we recommend that you perform a water check without a camera installed and self made repairs will affect warranty exclusions too.

Also, if you have a favorite CC filter that you plan to always dive with send it to us and we will install the CC filter into your unit at no extra charge.  (You supply the filter and pay all shipping charges.)


Depth Rating:  450 feet /139 meters
Weight in Air: Housing only: 3.25 lbs. With Handle Bar: 4.0 lbs.
Weight in Water:  Housing only: about 6 oz negative,  with handle bar about 8 ounces negative.
Minimum Focus Distance: Appx. 6 inches
Field Of View (FOV) Vignetting (no corner cutoff): All Hero3+ camera imaging modes are supported with no vignetting.
Internal Filter Size: 77mm supports for all imaging modes
Size: Housing Only:  Appx: 6″ x 5″ x 5.5″  or  153mm x 127mm x 140mm
Supported Camera Models:  GoPro Hero3, 3+ any color edition. LCD Touch Back highly recommended.
Accessories: Supplemental Internal 1200mAh LIPO battery pack;   7/16-20 bulkhead gland for a cable out to a HDMI feed.
Mounting Options: Both top and bottom 2 x  per surface, 1/4-20 female mounting holes. 4 total.
Includes: Protective Dome cap, handle/ tray, Housing, 2 desiccants.  Camera is not included.
Warranty: 2 year limited. Renewable with factory service.
Note: Optical design is optimized for underwater, images in air will be slightly out of focus.

PshpdDSC_0032Product Availability:

The GPH3 Dome Underwater Housing is now available direct from Deeppro Systems the manufacture. We sell direct to save you money.  Visit our online store to order.

The GPH3BATTCELL supplemental internal battery is available for pre order on our website. We expect to ship those in late September.

Where to Buy:

At present DeepPro products are only sold direct from the us, the US manufacturer.    Click here to visit our online store.  During the check out process all sensitive information is transmitted via HTTPS secure protocol.

Price: $995.00 USD      (GoPro® Hero 3 or 3+ and LCD Touch Bacpac is not included. Shipping charges are extra. Supplmental Li-ION battery not included. See the Sales Policy page for more information. Buyer pays freight costs and any taxes.)

Some Legal Stuff: GoPro®, the Hero® line of products, SuperView®, LCD Touch Bacpac, are all trademarks of the amazing GoPro Company.  Also worth noting, the images shown on this website are of prototype units. The final configuration of the housing, tray mounting methods, control alignment may change with the production units… but any changes will be improvements rest assured.